Little Sparrows Technologies: Bili-Hut

Solving the global problem of providing phototherapy to treat neonatal jaundice anywhere.

About 8% of all newborns have severe neonatal jaundice. It's one of the most common conditions affecting infants, and the incidence jumps to 80% for preterm newborns in the first week of their lives. An estimated 6 million newborns worldwide do not receive treatment for severe jaundice because they lack access to effective phototherapy devices. Annually, jaundice causes an estimated 30% of newborn deaths in underdeveloped areas, and many survivors suffer lifelong neurological disability as a result of the disease.

The Bili-Hut is a portable, high-intensity phototherapy device for treating newborns with neonatal jaundice. Little Sparrows offers a three-pound, collapsible enclosure that uses low-energy-requiring LED lights, enabling use with either line power or alternative sources such as a 12-volt battery. With funding from the PPDC combined with other funding sources, including the Saving Lives at Birth Grant Competition, Little Sparrows is refining the device and is seeking FDA approval.