OtoNexus Medical Technologies: Otitis Media Detection Device

Changing the way clinicians diagnose middle ear infections to decrease the amount of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and reduce healthcare costs.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc. is commercializing a Doppler ultrasound medical device to rapidly and accurately diagnose middle ear infections, called Otitis Media (OM), in children and adults. 17.6 Million patient visits each year are coded to OM at a cost of more than $5 Billion/year, yet clinical studies show a 50% error rate in diagnosis. Otitis Media is the #1 reason for antibiotic prescriptions in children, as well as the #1 cause for surgery in children. Current diagnostic methods are decades old, and cannot distinguish the type of infection behind the eardrum.

With funding in part from the PPDC, OtoNexus is developing a handheld device to quickly and accurately detect both the presence and type of fluid behind the eardrum in one second or less. This would provide, for the first time, objective, definitive diagnostic data which could lead to increased accuracy, earlier and better treatment, reduced antibiotic use, and reduced healthcare costs.