To date, 60+ projects have been assisted by the PPDC! Below is a list of some of our assisted projects, and we invite you to read about their journeys into the pediatric market:


Myomo, Inc.: MyoPro©

Myomo empowers individuals with a neuromuscular condition who have lost movement in a hand and arm to perform activities of everyday life.


InfraScan, Inc.: The Infrascanner

Clinical expertise and advanced technology come together to provide the best possible care to save the brain following traumatic brain injury.


Actuated Medical, Inc.: TubeClear

Real world challenges in taking a medical device from adults to pediatrics to revolutionize the way clinicians clear occluded feeding tubes.


Little Sparrows Technologies: Bili-Hut

Solving the global problem of providing phototherapy to treat neonatal jaundice anywhere.



OtoNexus Medical Technologies: Otitis Media Detection Device

Changing the way clinicians diagnose middle ear infections to decrease the amount of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions and reduce healthcare costs.


RasLabs, LLC: Polymer-based Liner for Prosthetic Sockets

Developing an adjustable prosthetic liner to revolutionize the fit and function of prosthetics.