A device to dynamically stabilize the hip in patients with dysplasia who must undergo an open surgical procedure, where, post-operatively, natural movement promoting healing and re-development is allowed.

Developing an adjustable prosthetic liner to revolutionize the fit and function of prosthetics.

PeriPath is the first access tool that enables single incision delivery of cardiac therapies to the pericardial space under direct visualization.

A bone access system proposed by Actuated Medical, of Bellefonte, Pa., aims to reduce patient discomfort, improve the success rate for first-attempt samples, reduce clinician fatigue, and shorten procedure times for bone biopsy and bone marrow aspiration procedures.

ENTvantage Diagnostics, of Austin, Texas, is developing a device to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of sinusitis (sinus infections).


A compact and comfortable smart ankle orthosis for children with cerebral palsy (CP), to help them walk more easily and for longer distances.

A device designed by Talex Medical, LLC, of Philadelphia, aims to correct ear deformities in infants. The InfantEar System uses silicon conformers placed along the ear to reshape and correct the deformity over time.

A decellularized and PGG cross-linked novel bovine jugular vein (BJV) valved conduit device to augment the already recognized qualities of BJV. 

410 Medical, Inc. of Durham, N.C., is developing the Life Flow© device, a hand-powered infuser used to quickly deliver fluids to critically ill patients.


Voxello LLC of Coralville, Iowa, is developing the noddle™ to address the communication barriers faced by pediatric patients.