A decellularized and PGG cross-linked novel bovine jugular vein (BJV) valved conduit device to augment the already recognized qualities of BJV. 

A device designed by Talex Medical, LLC, of Philadelphia, aims to correct ear deformities in infants. The InfantEar System uses silicon conformers placed along the ear to reshape and correct the deformity over time.

A telehealth tool to track newborn development.

410 Medical, Inc. of Durham, N.C., is developing the Life Flow© device, a hand-powered infuser used to quickly deliver fluids to critically ill patients.


A wearable phototherapy device.

Voxello LLC of Coralville, Iowa, is developing the noddle™ to address the communication barriers faced by pediatric patients.

A portable oral aspirator.

Dymedso, Inc. of Montreal, Canada, is developing the Neo™, a non-percussive acoustic airway clearance device specifically designed for infants and young children with lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis.


A novel endotracheal tube.

Jason Van Batavia, MD, of CHOP is creating a home device for pediatric patients and their families to keep track of urinary flow rates and patterns.