Clinical expertise and advanced technology come together to provide the best possible care to save the brain following traumatic brain injury.

Real world challenges in taking a medical device from adults to pediatrics to revolutionize the way clinicians clear occluded feeding tubes.

Voxello LLC of Coralville, Iowa, is developing the noddle™ to address the communication barriers faced by pediatric patients.

William J Weiss, PhD, of Penn State College of Medicine is leading efforts to develop the ThoraciCair to reduce the need for invasive and other labor-intensive techniques to treat respiratory distress syndrome in children.

A novel endotracheal tube.

A one-step adrenal crisis management device.

Assure Technologies, LLC of Chapel Hill, NC will receive support for the Precynge device to provide consistently accurate small volume medication measurements critical to pediatric care. Neonatal and early pediatric patients are particularly vulnerable to dosing errors; exposure to potential adverse drug events occurs three times more frequently in pediatric than in adult inpatients.