The University of Illinois at Chicago, in partnership with Olifant Medical Inc, will receive support for Dr. Girish Deshpande’s work on the SecureTube™, a new endotracheal tube with several features designed to mitigate various factors that lead to unplanned extubations in pediatric patients. Unplanned extubations can lead to significant complications, especially in young infants, who could suffer cardiac arrest requiring CPR and may need an emergency re-intubation. Unplanned extubations are also associated with increased respiratory tract infections, increased length of ICU and hospital stays, and an overall increase in healthcare cost. The unique two-port design of the SecureTube™ and its specially designed holder will standardize the way endotracheal tubes are secured to the patient. It will replace the currently used Y-adapter and bite-block and will eliminate the use of tape that will minimize, if not eliminate, the unplanned extubations and associated complications.